Energy efficiency

In various organizational forms that have succeeded, after 1990, by benefiting of high quality specialized personnel but also of equipment easy to integrate into new economic conditions, the power units belonging to power plants from Oltenia, now within CEO, proved to be coherent and followed a corect development path.

1. Increasing the power units load at the nominal value; increasing the power available on each power unit;
2. Increasing the live and intermediate steam parameters;
3. Pressure decreasing in turbine condensers;
4. Temperature decreasing of the chimney discharged flue gas;
5. Increase the utilisation degree of regenerative preheaters;
6. Operation and maintenance of Rotary Air Preheaters;
7. Operation and maintenance of air preheaters;
8. Operation and maintenance of power units’ main component systems: grinding plant, exhaust system, air and flue gas system, vacuum system, regenerative preheating system, degassing, etc.

Currently, without the changing of power production technology, the only way to increase the CEO operation efficiency consists in:
– Decreasing the technological consumption of mining activity;
– Increase the power factor of mining activity;
– An efficient management of coal handling and transport able to exclude the degradation;
– Warehouse management in power plants and coal reintegration in consumption cirquit;
– Increasing the boilers yield through organizational and maintenance measures;
– Increasing the overall efficiency by maintaining the parameters of heat cycle at projected level.

Provide that the reliability of power installations has increased very much and there were no endurance systematic problems, the most effective way to increase energy efficiency consisted in bringing all power units of the four power plants under a unified management, in order to achieve an integrated plicy of tendering. This provides the possibility to increase energy efficiency by:

  • Optimizing the number of starts and stops;
  • Achieving a higher unit load;
  • Decreasing of imbalances;
  • Maximizing the selling prices;
  • Decrease of operating costs by choosing the optimal power production schemes contracted.

In the attached charts, it can be seen the progress achieved: