Energy production


11 power units with an installed capacity of 3,240 MW of which:
SE Rovinari – 3 x 330 MW lignite-fired condensation power units ;
SE Turceni – 4 x 330 MW lignite-fired condensation power units ;
SE Isalnita – 2 x 315 MW lignite-fired condensation power units ;
SE Craiova II – 2 x 150 MW/160 Gcal lignite-fired cogeneration power units.


The main heat supply system for the consumers in Craiova City is the centralized system, and the heat generation source is Craiova II Thermal Power Plant Branch, as follows:
– 2 lignite-fired cogeneration power units (2 × 150/120 MW) – using natural gas as flame support;
– 2 lignite-fired hot water boilers (2X100 Gcal/h) – using heavy-fuel oil as flame support;
– one boiler of 50 Gcal/h and one boiler of 30 Gcal/h.

Currently, Craiova II Thermal Power Plant Branch supplies heating agent (hot water) to Craiova City in a centralised system, as follows: 123 thermal substations, of which 104 urban belonging to S.C. Termo Craiova S.R.L. and 19 supplying companies and public institutions. It also supplies the industrial consumer, i.e. S.C. FORD Automobile Romania S.A. with hot water and process water.
Pipelines, networks and connections in Craiova City and in the surrounding areas have a total route length (underground and overground) of 60 Km.

Thermal energy delivered: min. 40 Gcal / h – max. 360 Gcal / h.
Heated apartments: ~ 62,000
Beneficiaries: ~ 200,000.


hidroThe hydropower plant built on Jiu River, 3.5 km upstream of Turceni Thermal Power Plant, has an installed capacity of 9,9 MW (1 x 0,9 MW hydro-power unit and 3 x 3 MW hydro-power units).
An increase of up to 144 mc/s of river flow is possible.
The first hydro-power unit was commissioned on 17.10.1989.
The hydropower plant generated over 495 GWh to date.