Focus on social needs

CE Oltenia allocates significant amounts to mitigate the social problems caused by the cessation of activity as a result of reserve depletion within certain perimeters or for other causes.


The specific activity of coal mining within CE Oltenia affected the surface and ground water sources with negative impact on populated areas.

To support the local communities and to mitigate the negative impact, the mining operators financed and executed certain systems of water supply from surface sources or works for water supply with individual water from seawater depth.

Thus, Godinesti water supply station is currently operated and  serves all the localities passed through: Godinesti,Ciuperceni, Bradet, Matasari, Dragotesti.

Plostina, Leurda  and Rosiuta localities are supplied with water through a system of deepwater drilling.

Currently, an investment for water supply system for Miculesti locality is in progress.

With respect to water supply of the localities within Rovinari mining basin, some deepwater drillings have been performed and they are maintained and operated by the mining units in the area.



In order to perform mining activity in Oltenia Basin, some reconstruction sites of the households affected were organized, as follows:

1. Sat Nou Iasi – Dragutesti, judetul Gorj
2. Somanesti, Cilnic, judetul Gorj
3. Poiana, Dragutesti, judetul Gorj
4. Virt, Rovinari, judetul Gorj
5. Cornesti, Balesti, judetul Gorj
6. Varsaturi, Targu Jiu, judetul Gorj
7. platforma Panga, judetul Vilcea
8. Becheni, judetul Vilcea
9. Motru, judetul Gorj
10.Dragoeni I si Dragoeni II, Targu Jiu, judetul Gorj
11. Artego, Targu Jiu, judetul Gorj
12. Telesti, judetul Gorj

Four cemeteries were relocated:
– Rovinari, judetul Gorj
– Slivilesti, sat Stiucani judetul Gorj,
– Husnicioara, judetul Mehedinti
– Berbesti, judetul Vilcea

Churches were rebuilt:
– Motru, judetul Gorj
– Rovinari, judetul Gorj
– Timiseni, judetul Gorj
– Balesti, judetul Gorj
– Slivilesti, judetul Gorj
– Seciuri, judetul Gorj



In addition to the technological investments made ​​or in progress that result in compliance with the limits imposed by the European legislation for emissions of air, water and soil pollutants, CE Oltenia allocates significant amounts for rendering land affected by mining activity to the forest and agricultural circuit.  There were rendered to the forest and agricultural circuit approximately 720 ha (227 ha in Lupoaia area; 30 ha in Rovinari area, 208 ha in Rosia-Pesteana area; 30 ha in Tismana area, 175 ha in Jilt area; 50 ha in Berbesti area) .

In the future, it is intended also to cultivate medicinal plants in such areas.

SOCIAL ALLOWANCES granted to employees and others (birth grant, death grant, serious illness grant or for people who have suffered damage as a result of natural disasters).