CE Oltenia assumes social responsibility as a freely chosen corporate initiative, beyond economic and legal obligations towards the social environments in which it conducts its business.

CE Oltenia supports, at least in financial terms, the following actions:

– Supporting educational programs for youth collaborating with universities and research institutions in different geographical areas, as well as with scientific and professional organisations;

– Supporting performance and talent in sports and cultural activities not exceeding the expenditures provided in the income and expenditure budget.



Gorj Olympics who achieved excellent results in competitions and  olympiads were rewarded for their merits. The main sponsor of the award ceremony for Excellence in Gorj Education (2013, 2014) was Complexul Energetic Oltenia.

  • Dumitru Călugăru, a 11th grader of the Tudor Vladimirescu College of Targu Jiu, won the gold medal in Dimitri Mendeleev International Chemistry Olympiad, 2014 edition, and he was offered a job within the company after faculty graduation. He also won over the years many  national and international awards.  


CE Oltenia provided transport and accommodation for junior football team, i.e. AS PRIMAVERA Tg.Jiu in order to participate in the international competition SANT Vicenç which took place in Barcelona in October 2013.
A.S. PRIMAVERA Tg.Jiu team finished the competition on the podium, with a second place, and Malaele Roberto was awarded the goal getter of the tournament.
Accepting the role it holds against social expectations, CE Oltenia gave these children the opportunity to triumph in an international tournament.

• Scarlat Marin, an electrical installations operator, Crushing Section, Turceni TPP Branch.He has been practicing athletics since 1993 .He won over 50 medals in national and Balkan championships, of which at least 10 were awarded for the first place.He participated  in:
– World Junior Championship in Sydney, Australia, 1998.
– Competition in Zagreb, Croatia, on 6-7 September 2013,  with the fourth place.
– Sosea National Championship, Pitesti, on 10.05.2014, with the first place at 10.000 m trial.
-The last competition he attended was in Bucharest, i.e. International Half Marathon, during 17-18.05.2014, where he earned the first place.

Andreea Munteanu, the gymnast from Bustuchin, who won the gold medal on beam and the bronze medal on floor in the artistic gymnastics competition “Trofeo Citta di Jesolo”, Treviso (Italy).

Elena Hasna, has been participating in contests since 2010, since the age of nine. Every time she climbed the podium winning awards and trophies. So far she has participated in about 40 contests. The most important are the following:

– in 2012, she participated in the International Art Festival “TRIXIE”, an international pop music festival in Bulgaria, where 8 countries participated in the contest, about 500 children and she won the first place in her age category;
– in 2013, she qualified for the greatest music contests in our country: “Mamaia Copiilor” and Golden Dolphin International Festival where she earned the big trophy; she also participated in Next Star contest where she won the popularity final, and also the brilliant beginning of a musical career;
– In 2014 she had 5 performances in France (Strasbourg, Belfort).


The branches within CE Oltenia are running a number of programs of cooperation with the Universities of Bucharest, Craiova and Targu Jiu in order to improve the skills of students studying computer science, computer and information technology, electronic engineering and telecommunications, making a correlation of knowledge accumulated during higher education with labor market requirements by participating in internships at companies of technical profile.

It also forms partnerships for the development of technical and economic studies concerning the ways to improve certain operating indicators related to the technological process of the thermal power plants.

• In 2014, the University “Constantin Brancusi” participated in the international contest with two patent applications developed within the project “New building materials by eco-sustainable recycling of industrial wastes – EcoWASTES”.
300 inventions from 16 countries entered the competition.
One patent won the gold medal and the other one won the silver medal.
The project is implemented by the University “Constantin Brancusi” in Targu-Jiu in partnership with Complexul Energetic Oltenia SA.

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